We at DAMN Digital develop for emerging technology platforms in the digital space. We spend most of our time working on screen-enabled and projection platforms; such as, multi-touch surfaces, interactive walls, kiosks, tablets, 3D projection mapping and the world's new best friend the Kinect. Digital is our native tongue. We are the epitome of digital excellence. DAMN Digital has created the most inspired technological based media for advertising and presentations on devices. DAMN Digital is a team of artists, coders, builders, translators, futurists, champions and enthusiasts. As a native to this digital world, DAMN Digital can make anyone acclimated to its environs and possibilities. DAMN Digital is located in Dumbo Brooklyn, the digital epicenter of New York.

Multi-Touch Surfaces

Touch sensored technology modules that creates multiple interactive options for accessing the product knowledge.

Interactive Walls

Interactive Walls are large scale multimedia socialization surfaces that help your viewers become completely immersed in lifelike experience of your product or service. See an example here


Kiosks are an interactive station in which people can have a multi-dimensional view and presentation that creates a personalized connection with the user, in which encourages users to enthralled for the entire presentation. See and example here


Tablets programs customed and created to give a streamlined, unique presentation of your company's products, services and information. See an example here

3D Projection Mapping

Projecting beautiful 3D video displays on buildings to share jaw dropping campaigns with audiences offline. They then engage with your campaign to bring it online through social media. See an example here


Utilizing motion sensor within the Kinect we create interactive augmented reality that allows the user to step into the world of your product or service giving you amazing interactivity.


Download our CV here DAMNDigitalCV.pdf